Author, "Idiot's Guide to Social Media Marketing," Jennifer Abernethy

Who she is: Author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing.”

What she does: “Using social media not only helped me meet people from around the world, it helped me expand my brand and experience tremendous growth in my business,” Jennifer says.

Why she does it: ““By applying the lessons and principals in this book, it is my sincere hope that your business will experience tremendous growth, too.”


By Hope Katz Gibbs

In Chapter 1 of the book, Jennifer acknowledges the fact that while many people feel they need to use social media tools, they aren’t sure exactly how it works — or, more importantly, why they actually need it.

In response to the “why” question she says: “Because social networking is free and millions of businesses are using it; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social sites are a great way to reach your prospects, customers, strategic partners, and the media to get information to grow and enhance your business.”

Consider the statistics about Facebook
from, January 2010

• The average user on Facebook has 130 friends.
• Facebook users post more than 55 million status updates each day.
• 10 million+ users become fans of Facebook pages each day.
• The average user spends 55 minutes online per day.

The big seven

In addition to Facebook, which Jennifer calls “the television network for social media,” there are six other top social media outlets to know about:

Twitter: — The online cocktail party.
LinkedIn: — The cable channel of social media.
MySpace: — For the younger crowd (middle school to 26) and entrepreneurs targeting that age range.
YouTube: — From video phones and handheld cameras, this will be a must-have tool for all businesses in the coming years.
Ning: — Users can create their own social network. Since June 2009, more than 1.8 million have been created by 39 million members.
Online video: This is the future, Jennifer says. “The digital media research firm ComScore found that 161 million Internet users watched an online video in August 2009, the average viewer watched 157 videos that month, and 81.6% of the total US Internet audience viewed an online video — mostly on YouTube.”

What else you’ll learn in the book

Part 1: The World of Social Media and Social Networking
Get a grip on the basics of what you need to get started, including how to have the right mind-set and why it’s critical to your success on the social media platforms.

Part 2: Let’s Begin Marketing Your Business on Facebook
Learn to create an amazing profile, use the applications, and customize the Facebook experience.

Part 3: Twitter
Find out how to incorporate the applications and tools to make you Twitter-worthy to millions of followers.

Part 4: LinkedIn and Other Social Network Options
Gain a better understanding of how online video and tv are taking over the social media marketplace.

Part 5: Streamlining and Expanding Your Program
Don’t be overwhelmed. Take control of your social media campaign and streamline your online marketing plans to reach more prospects and clients.

What critics are saying:

In a recent article on writer Ruth Sherman wrote:

There are a lot of pretenders out there, self-appointed experts who claim the mantle of Social Media guru, but very few who are the real deal. Jennifer Abernethy is the real deal. Abernethy was a former million-dollar per year account executive for the Washington Post, among other corporations. This bricks and mortar experience informs her writing and research. She knows what it takes to sell in a tough market and she brings this expertise to her new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing (Penguin, April 2010). The Idiot’s Guides are known for having experts write them and this one is no different.

Read a Q&A with Ruth and Jennifer here.

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About Jennifer Abernethy

Jennifer Abernethy serves as America’s Sales Stylist. She currently works with the worlds most amazing and ultra hip professionals through her business The Sales

Jennifer has trained and mentored hundreds of entrepreneuers, CEO’s and corporate sales teams. She speaks on Social Media Marketing, Branding and Sales to groups around the country. Jennifer has 23 years of sales experience and has sold tens of millions in products and services. She loves to speak to organizations and conferences and prides herself on delivering “relevant, realword, engaging content.”

Her award winning ezine on Sales, Success and Social Media is very popular with her fans, and her highly anticipated “Insiders Success Circle” launched in January 2010. Look for her new blog and website soon. To get FREE weekly Success, Sales & Social Media tips, get her ultra hip ezine at

An early adapter to social media for business, Jennifer grew her business and brand using Social Media Marketing beginning in January 2007. Jennifer shares all her strategies in her first book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing (Alpha/Penguin) which was released in April 2010 and is now available on and at bookstores nationwide. Follow her on Twitter@SalesLounge

Jennifer is available for speaking/consulting and mentoring. She is now booking interviews for radio, tv and print in 2010 and 2011. She welcomes your call at 571-223-3887 or

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