Fiber Artist Michele Muska

*Who she is: Michele Muska is a woman who speaks in textures. A fiber artist based in Enfield, Connecticut, Muska lives, creates, and works in a colorful world where fibers and textiles tell her story.

What she does: Muska started her company, LolaRae, over a decade ago to showcase her fanciful creations, wearable art, quilts, and adornments. But that’s her side business. By day, she’s the marketing communications manager for Simplicity Creative Group and its family of brands, which includes Simplicity Patterns, Wrights, Boye, EZ Quilting, Conso, and British Trimmings. During the last seven years, she has helped develop and design new products, implemented educational opportunities, and worked with customers to provide a clear vision of how Simplicity Creative Group can foster and inspire creativity in the individual.

Why she does it: “I am a woman of contrasts and surprises, so it’s only natural that this pie is an unusual combination of fruits—which represent me,” shares the avid baker. “I also love to be steeped in tradition, especially when it comes to food and my Czechoslovakian heritage. The mysterious rhubarb plant, my pie’s main ingredient, is dependable and sturdy, tart and crisp, yet the leaves are large and poisonous. You can always count on me as a friend and confidant, and I do love to party and be a bit naughty on occasion — but don’t ever think about hurting my kids, because I just may chop up those leaves and put them in your salad.”

On the Inkandescent Radio Network, we interviewed the marvelous Muska about another one of her creations—the Midsummer Night’s Dream Pie that landed on the cover of the popular book, “Pie-ography,” by Where Women Cook creator Jo Packham.

In this podcast interview you’ll learn:

  • About her delicious pie: its history—and given the biographical theme of “Pie-ography” —what the Midsummer Night’s Dream Pie tell us about Muska.
  • The other pies and dishes she creates that family and friends flock to her house to eat.
  • What she loves about cooking, quilting, and creating beautiful things.
  • How she got into the business of crafts.
  • Her job at Simplicity, how to she has long balanced work and career—and the advice she has for other women trying to do the same.
  • And why women, especially those in mid-life, struggle to admit how amazing they are!

Click here to download the podcast.

And click here to see Muska’s recipe for her magnificent Midsummer Night’s Dream Pie in the December 2013 issue of

The Women