DC Photographer Hilary Schwab

Who she is: Hilary Schwab has been an editorial and event photographer in the DC area for more than 25 years. She started out as a staff photographer for American University in 1986, and launched her freelance business in 1992.

What she does: In the last two decades, she has taken cover photos, portraits, and worked as a photojournalist for dozens of clients, including _Bethesda Magazine, Crystal City Magazine, Maryland Life Magazine. She also has continued to work with American University’s publications staff, and as well as many prominent PR firms, law firms, and real estate agencies throughout the Washington DC region.

Why she does it: “When I’m on a photo shoot I observe the people and their environment, and watch as they move around and interact with others. Then I find the angle and moment where they are most relaxed and comfortable, and then I start shooting. Whether it’s a public event or a portrait, I do everything possible to bring out the best in their photos.”

By Hope Katz Gibbs

Like many photographers, their photos speak for themselves. See Hilary’s work below. To view her entire portfolio, click here: www.hschwabphotography.com.

President Barack Obama

The Dali Lama

Women’s Rights Activist Susan Sarandon at the March for Women’s Lives Rally in Washington, DC, December 2010

Women’s Rights Activists Candice Bergen and President of the Feminist Majority Foundation Eleanor Smeale

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Women