About the Project

By Hope Katz Gibbs, creator
Truly Amazing Women Who Are Changing The World

“There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There’s only scarcity of resolve to make it happen.” — Wayne Dyer

I couldn’t agree more. In the 25 years that I have been a newspaper reporter and magazine feature writer, I have had the honor of meeting and writing about more truly amazing women than I can count. I was always the staff member at the editorial meeting saying, “There are too many guys in this issue. Why can’t we write about more women?” In many instances, my editors were open to my suggestions, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Since deciding to take all those profiles and turn them into a book in 2008, I have been blown away by the response to the concept. Perhaps it is because—despite their accomplishments—many women don’t feel amazing enough. Or maybe it is because we simply don’t think of ourselves as doing anything special—again, despite all evidence to the contrary.

So, what’s in store for this project? Here’s what we are working on:

The website: I’ll continue to add profiles each month to the website. As of 2010, we had more than 100 articles posted. Look for more each month.

The magazine: Each month we also feature a Truly Amazing Woman in our online business and lifestyle magazine, Be Inkandescent.

The book: We’re at work on the book, which will feature 100 women from 20 industries. In each chapter, one of the women will be high profile, and the others will be women who are working miracles, but staying under radar. At the end of each chapter, we’ll list women to watch in that industry.

The TV series: We’re in negotiations to turn the project into a television series. Each episode will have a theme of its own, which will answer intriguing questions and honor a handful of high and low-profile women featured on the website. Stay tuned for that.

Join the Truly Amazing Women Network: In 2011, we’ll be rolling out a new feature on the website. Subscriptions are free, and women can sign up to get great gifts, show off their companies and ideas, and sell their products and services. Plus, we’ll be launching a mentoring program so our Truly Amazing Women can help others learn, grow, and blossom.

For more information: contact me through my PR firm, www.inkandescentpr.com and by email at hope@inkandescentpr.com. Feel free to browse my journalism clips, too: www.hopegibbs.com.

A note of thanks to the two Truly Amazing Men who made this website possible: Illustrator, designer, and my husband Michael Glenwood Gibbs, www.michaelgibbs.com and our fabulous web developer, Max Kukoy: www.maxwebworks.com. (That’s Mike’s illustration, above. See more here: www.mglenwood.com.